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Previews: Past and Present
Trailers, Commercials, Promos. The marketing concepts behind every product out there - and videogames, and Resident Evil of course, are no different.

Capcom has released a number of video trailers and commercials over the years and so we've decided to give you info about ones already on the site as well as add a whole bunch of new ones for you to watch as well.

We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

- Rombie & Roody

Biohazard 3: Last Escape (1999) / Japan
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) / United States

Firstly a couple of 15 second commercials for the Japanese version of Resident Evil 3. The caution tape on the second trailer was actually a large part of the Japanese promotion and everything related to it in stores in Japan was covered in the tape.

You also may want to note use of the "slow-mo running Jill" shot as part of the fan service to the Japanese public.

The US commercial was created in a time in 1999 where, for some odd reason, Capcom USA got all stylish with their concepts instead of sticking to the old text/scene format (which they've gone back to since).

Dino Crisis had started with a fake forest run which lead into the gameplay footage, and RE3 used a countdown timer and a cool looking logo explosion to finish it off. It may not be much of a change from the norm but it was something different, especially for Capcom.

>> You can watch the JPN video #1 here
>> You can watch the JPN video #2 here
>> You can watch the US video #1 here

Code Veronica (1999/2000) / Japan

There is a large mix of trailers here for Code Veronica, from a teaster released for the demo and Biohazard 2, two coded ones showing brief scenes of the CGI and the game, to a couple of odd promotional ones also from Japan which highlight the overall concept of the game.

The "Where Is Biohazard Going?" trailer was first released in December 1999 and also advertises Biohazard 2 Value Plus (which came with a Code Veronica demo disc) and was one of the first major "clues" for us online at the time as to what the game might include.

Combined with the "82.17 degrees" and an image of an Antarctic ice shelf labeled "Where Is Biohazard Going?" as well, we had some good clues.

You should probably check the others promotional videos out, one for it's over the top voice over, and the other for the classic zombie cameraman at the end.

>> You can watch the Biohazard 2/CV video here
>> You can watch the Code002 video here
>> You can watch the Code003 video here
>> You can watch the Promo #1 video here
>> You can watch the Promo #2 video here

Biohazard Gun Survivor (2000) / Japan

The game may not have been so great in a lot of peoples eyes, but I actually like this commercial for the shear simple concept - something which speaks about the series and the concept of handing out weapons to survive. The woman in the commercial has actually returned for other commercials in the "Survivor" series until Gun Survivor 3 (Dino Stalker in the US) where she carried every weapon in the game (including a rocket launcher) on her back through a jungle while holding a G-Con 2 as well.

>>> You can watch the video here

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (2000) / Germany

The irony of these two commercials, which tout that the game is so scary that they can only show a brief scene, is that the German version of the game is notable for it's lack of gore and zombies which flash and disappear in a puff of smoke. But I have to give it to Eidos, who released RE3 in Europe, that these commercials were clever.

>> You can watch the 1st video here
>> You can watch the 2nd video here

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