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Resident Evil Survey
Your Vote Counts!
From time to time we hold a new survey to get your opinion on all things Resident Evil. Vote now and let your voice be heard!
1. Are you going to or have you purchased Resident Evil 4?
2. Do you like or dislike the fact that the developers have left zombies out of the game?
    Resident Evil just isn't Resident Evil without zombies!
    The zombies were getting boring anyways
    Don't care either way
3. Do you think the change in the series storyline is for the best?
    Yes, it was starting to get stale. Time for new direction.
    No. I don't like the changes.
    Doesn't matter. I'll follow Resident Evil wherever the story takes me
4. What do you think of Capcom's decision to port RE 4 to the PS2?
    Yay! Now I can play RE 4 too!
    It sucks! I bought a Gamecube so I could play RE
    I own all the consoles anyways, so who cares?
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