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Resident Evil Gun Survivor 2
Gun Survivor

In February 2001 it was announced and shown that Capcom was teaming up with Namco to create the second in the series of Biohazard shooter titles, this time for Japanese arcades. For the first short while the game was titled "Biohazard: Firezone" but it wasn't long before it joined the ranks of "Gun Survivor" titles. Of course to this news the public groaned, at least the English ones did, expecting something like the original Survivor.

To everyone's surprise the game was to be based of Code Veronica, using Naomi technology (the Sega based technology used for various other Arcade titles as well as the basis for Dreamcast tech... meaning to everyone that the game should look and run simular to the Dreamcast Code Veronica). The game plan of playing in CV again wasn't a complete rehash of the original, giving two players control (one as Claire and the other as Steve) through various areas of Rockfort Island. Among returning enemies from CV, other versions from previous Biohazard titles would also return in a mad dash race to escape the island.

When the game was finally tested in various gaming events and arcades during 2001, the gamers seemed underwhelmed by the title, meaning game cabnets had very low usage and revenue. The game continued on through the year until Capcom announced a home version was to arrive for PlayStation 2 later in the year. This was followed up by an announcement from Capcom Europe that Survivor 2 would also make it's way to PAL PlayStation 2's in the future, both supporting Namco's new G-Con2.

Gun Survivor The Japanese release of Biohazard Gun Survivor 2: Code Veronica on PlayStation 2 came in November of 2001. With the arcade version of the game was an added Dungeon Mode, bonus hidden characters, VS. mode, the previously online only extra file documents, and other smaller adjustments. The Dungeon Mode itself added much more to the games length and replay, including within it three new areas with six different goals within each. Best described as modeled after the goal oriented bonus modes in House of the Dead 2 but with a Code Veronica Battle Mode twist.

In February of 2002, Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veronica was released to PAL gamers and immediately came under harsh review, especially following views of the previous Resident Evil Survivor on PlayStation. One of the bigger disappointments was facing the fact that while not many people in Europe were fans of the title, the game got an overall better PAL port than both of the disappointing PAL Onimusha and Devil May Cry releases in 2001 - both considered headline games compared.

Gun Survivor With both Japanese and European gamers getting a slice of the shooter pie, some hardcore American fans began to question when exactly the US would be seeing the next in like of the Survivor series. After the edits to US version of the first Survivor (before anyone asks - it was only the gun support), it seemed Capcom US wasn't looking at putting the game to US consoles.

The official word from Capcom pinned the blame on Sony instead, although I get the feeling this isn't the truth (being that it's not the first time that Capcom has blamed Sony for it's own choices). Then again SCEA has been making some weird censorship changes in the US recently, however they normally have to do with swearing, nudity, and suicide...

"Unfortunately the game has not been released in the US and Canada as it was deemed inappropriate by SCEA (Sony of America) due to the game content and the use of a gun peripheral. The game will not receive a release in this region."

As for if you're really missing much from all this if your in the US, only you can decide. However if you wish to play it, you maybe able to import the PAL version if you can find some ability to play PAL format games.

A huge thanks to Ada at The Last Escape for providing me with some much needed game artwork for use in this section on Gun Survivor 2.

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