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Resident Evil 4 : Multimedia
All multimedia on this website is in Windows Advanced Streaming Format. You will need the Windows Media Player 9 Series plugin to be able to view the media.

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Description View/Listen Total Views
Resident Evil 4 Preview
Preview of the upcoming Resident Evil 4 game
View/Listen 107935 Views
RE 4 Mercenaries
Short video detailing the various finishing moves of each character in the Mercenaries game in Resident Evil 4.
View/Listen 98948 Views
Resident Evil 4 - E3 Direct Feed Trailer
First here at Resident Evil Fan: A New Blood comes a direct feed version of the E3 2003 trailer for Resident Evil 4.
(Source: )
View/Listen 76054 Views
RE 4 At E3
Preview of RE 4 shown at the 2003 E3 Expo from
View/Listen 62842 Views
Making of RE 4
Interviews with the game developers and insight into the making of Resident Evil 4.
View/Listen 52214 Views
Leon - Mercenaries Waterworld
Video showing how to obtain a five star ranking in the Waterworld scenario of the Mercenaries game in Resident Evil 4.
(Source: M93R)
View/Listen 29914 Views
Leon - Mercenaries Village
Video showing off how to get 100,000+ points in the Leon Mercenaries game. Sent in by M93R.
(Source: M93R)
View/Listen 17619 Views
Leon - Mercenaries Castle Video
Shows how to get a five star rating in the castle scenario, playing as Leon.
(Source: M93R)
View/Listen 15865 Views
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