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Resident Evil 1 : Multimedia
All multimedia on this website is in Windows Advanced Streaming Format. You will need the Windows Media Player 9 Series plugin to be able to view the media.

Get Windows Media Player 9

Description View/Listen Total Views
Uncut Opening Movie from Resident Evil
The uncut opening movie for Resident Evil 1. Caution: contains violence and really horrible acting
(Source: )
View/Listen 308076 Views
Resident Gigalo
A rather amusing "porno" created by Sir Sly using the sounds from the first Resident Evil game.
(Source: )
View/Listen 136771 Views
Resident Gigalo Part II
Yet Another version of the original by Sir Sly. Resident Evil porno at its finest
(Source: )
View/Listen 132505 Views
A Little Slice O' Tyrant
Video of some guy fighting and defeating the Tyrant from Resident Evil 1 with just a knife! Totally insane! I didnt believe it until I saw it
(Source: )
View/Listen 113520 Views
RE 1 1996 Promotional Video
A promotional video from a PlayStation demo disc. To learn more about this and other trailers browse here.
View/Listen 86777 Views
Resident Evil 1 Highlights and Tricks
Video highlights sent in by fastest time champ, Mike Morrow. Shows footage from his record holding game, as well as other speed tricks. Click here to read the transcript for the video.
View/Listen 74121 Views
The Hunter Attacks
Here comes the hunter...
View/Listen 55055 Views
Playstation Value Pack Commercial
Two festive and humerous commercials for Resident Evil Directors Cut Dual Shock and Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock. To learn more about this and other trailers browse here.
View/Listen 52700 Views
PSX Biohazard Value Pack
A strange commercial for the low price options for the Biohazard games, featuring zombies having fun. To learn more about this and other trailers browse here.
(Source: )
View/Listen 44655 Views
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