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Resident Evil Ø : History
Resident Evil Zero On September 13th 2001 various members of the Biohazard Team from Capcom made an appearance at a press gathering for gaming titles for Nintendo. The event for which they were there for would shock almost every gamer who would go on to hear about it in the coming weeks and months.

The Biohazard (Resident Evil) series was moving to Gamecube.

The two games on the front of this move were a remake of the original Biohazard, announced and shown right there on the spot, and Biohazard Zero, the long rumored and long delayed game which had previously been announced for the Nintendo 64. The game had always been a puzzle, taking place before the events of the first game, and sporting new locations, characters, and mysteries.

Resident Evil ZeroWith the focus being on how incredible looking the Remake of Biohazard was looking, Zero kinda fell by the wayside as the next title to appear after it's release in early 2002. A late 2002 time slot for the game was looking likely as it seemed Capcom wanted Biohazard 4 to be on it's way by the Biohazard's 7th anniversary took place in March of 2003 and probably released by it's 8th in 2004.

While a few early screens snuck out, with the E3 in 2002, Capcom finally showed of the Gamecube Resident Evil to the masses. Even though the US public by now had experience the Remake, details in the environments meant that people were still being stunned. The new partner zapping system took the game to levels beyond the zapping system of Resident Evil 2, actually allowing players to swap characters at will. Also gone, as promised right back to the N64 days, were the item boxes. Now you could drop and pick back up items which you had no space to carry but would require later on. The demo came to it's conclusion as you met with a large scorpion on the train.

Resident Evil ZeroIn July of 2002 Capcom announced that a trial edition would be released in Japan to people who purchased the Remake or pre-ordered Zero. The demo was the same one at the E3 but allowed people in Japan to take home a taste of what was to come in November.

Meanwhile in the USA, gaming magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly managed to snag an exclusive look at the game with it's producer, leading to all sorts of juicy details being released. Some were looking good, others not so great, but it seemed that the game was coming together well. The fans seemed anxious to play the next next installment of the series, especially one so filled with questions and what seems to be unexplainable ties.

Resident Evil Zero

In November of 2002 fans in the US and Japan finally found out what was going on, with the releases on there during the month, with the European fans waiting until March of 2003 before trying out Zero. In Japan the game sold moderately well, especially in comparison to the Remake's sales earlier, however in the US and Europe the title sold under expectations. Perhaps Capcom's (true) last attempt at pre-rendered atypical Biohazard titles was truely beyond the average gamer, and that something new was required to spark re-interest in the series...

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