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Resident Evil: The Novels: Code Veronica

Click for larger view A desperate search for her missing brother once again pits Claire Redfield against the terrifying bioweapons of the Umbrella Corporation. Her quest leads her to a remote island where a mad genius has unleashed every grotesque creature at his disposal to stop her from interfering with his horrific agenda.

Catapulted to the bottom of the world, Claire is at last reunited with the man she came to find. Chris Redfield has been fighting a one-man war of his own against Umbrella's most terrifying creations…and is now on a collision course with the man who betrayed the S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City. A man who should, by all rights, be dead: Captain Albert Wesker.

Sample Excerpt

The entire rear of the hold was gone, the hatch torn away, clouds and sky whipping past at incredible speed. Confused, Claire took a single step forward—and saw what the problem was.

Mr. X, she thought wildly, remembering the monstrous thing in Raccoon, the relentless pursuer in the long, dark coat—but the hulking creature straddling the hydraulic track wasn’t the same. It was humanoid, giant-sized and hairless like the X monster—but it was also taller, its shoulders impossible broad, its abdomen rippled with muscle. Its left fist was a metal-spiked mace bigger than her entire head, its right hand a hybrid of flesh and curving knives, two of them at least a foot long. The monster turned its cataract-white eyes to look at her before throwing its head back and roaring, and explosive howl of blood lust and fury.

Terrified but determined, Claire raised her suddenly pathetic weapon as the creature started for her, and put eh red dot on its right unicolor eye. She squeezed the trigger——and heard the dry click of an empty chamber, deafeningly loud even over the raging winds that spun past the damaged plane.

Content provided by: Albus Dumbledore

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