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Resident Evil: The Novels
After her success of her novels based on the movie Aliens, Oregon-based author, S.D. (Stephani Danelle) Perry was approached by Capcom to transpose a novel based on the first Resident Evil game. After the success of the first novel Capcom asked her to write another, and eventually she ended up writing six total. Rumor has it that more books are on the way, including a possible spin-off of the Resident Evil movie. S.D. Perry is slated to write it.

While the storylines follow the games to some degree they also expand on the content of them, providing a deeper insight to the character's personalities and motivations. The novels aren't considered the "official" Resident Evil story, but like all fiction they take you on a different path, and explore what could have been. Each one is a nice addition that complements the Resident Evil series, and if you're looking for more Resident Evil while you await that next game release then the novels might be enough to satisfy that "hunger".

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