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Resident Evil Apocalypse: Cast
Alice Prospero (Milla Jovovich)     
Former Hive security chief in violation of employment agreement after conspiring to commit industrial sabotage. Cooperated with outside group to steal T-virus samples from The Hive. Prolonged contact with bioweapons, has survived the encounter with the Licker. Detained for quarantining purposes. Superfluous experimental procedures garnered substantial results. Approach with caution and exterminate with extreme prejudice.
Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory)     
Member of S.T.A.R.S. who is currently under suspension from Raccoon City Police Department. Still considered a liability to Umbrella Corporation. Gained insight to classified bioweapon weaknesses during Arklay Mountains incident. Accounting department projects severely weakened market value of weapon if cranial flaw is revealed to the public. We recommend conversion or neutralization.
Carlos Oliveira (Oded Fehr)     
Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force Leader. Carlos posesses above average combat and survival skills and advanced level tactical capabilities. Trained in urban warfare and mobile biohazard containment. Ideal for Raccoon City assignment. However, he was assigned the leadership role with reservations. Harbors sentiments incongruous with Umbrella Corporation ideals. Potential to "go native". Considered expendable if necessary.

Nicholai Sokolov (Zack Ward)     
Freelance security officer under the command of Carlos Oliveira. Extremely experienced in combat. Refused T-cell rejuvenation treatment. Psychological evaulations showed deep level of pessimism. Considered expendable.
Sgt. Peyton (Raz Adoti)     
Veteran police officer that is a member of S.T.A.R.S. Holds the rank of Sergeant, and has received several commendations. Very experienced in combat situations, he possesses exceptional leadership capabilities. Renowned among fellow teammates as "one tough son of a bitch"
Major Cain (Thomas Kretschmann)     
High-ranking Major in the Umbrella Corporation. Highly trusted, and involved in several Umbrella projects. Decisive, logical and willing to make critical decisions. Supervised the re-opening of the Hive, as well as cataloging and re-distribution of bio-weapons.
Teri Morales (Sandrine Holt)     
Journalist for Raccoon 7 News. Aspires to further her own journalism career, putting her own safety aside if she feels it necessary to achieve this goal.

Dr. Charles Ashford (Jared Harris)     
Lead Umbrella researcher in the T-cell/T-virus project. Possesses multiple PhDs in biology, electrical engineering, and genetic science. Conceived, designed, and oversaw construction of the Hive facility. Developed Red-Queen artificial intelligence computer defense and control system.
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