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Frequently Asked Questions
Please take some time to read through the FAQ list below. Answers to many common questions that we receive often via email can be found here:
» General Site Questions
  • Can I join your staff?
    We are not in need of any new staff members at this time. If that changes, a notice will be posted on the main page of the website. Sending us emails of this nature will be ignored otherwise.
  • Can I be a moderator in your forums?
    At this time, we are not in need of any people to help out with forums moderation. If we do find in the future that there is a need for new moderators, we will contact you. Sending emails of this nature will be ignored.
  • Can you tell me why Capcom has made certain business decisions regarding the games?
    No. We are not Capcom. Ask them directly if you want to know answers to questions like why Resident Evil 4 is only being released for the Nintendo Gamecube. Those are decisions that are made by Capcom. We are flattered that you think we are Capcom, but since we do not sit in on Capcom company meetings we do not know the answers to such questions. We're just a Resident Evil fan resource. Sending us emails that should be directed to Capcom will be ignored.
  • Why haven't you responded to my email question about where I can find the spade key and the club key in Resident Evil 2?
    Any walkthrough question that is sent to us via email will be ignored if the answer can be found in one of the walkthroughs on this site. Basically it has been so long since we've played any of the games, that for us to answer your question we would have to refer to the walkthrough ourselves. Sorry, but we're not here to look it up for you. This is why we put the walkthroughs up on the site.
  • Can I use some of the images in the image gallery on my site?
    Yes, all images are free for public use. Use them as much as you like. Technically we couldn't stop you if we wanted to :) However, please do not remote link to them from your own website. If you wish to use them, make and host your own copy.
  • Can I affiliate with your site?
    At this time, we are not accepting any more affiliate requests.
» Multimedia Questions
  • What plugins are required to view the media on Resident Evil Fan?
    You will need to have the Windows Media Player browser plugin installed. You can get this plugin by clicking here.

  • What are the minimum hardware requirements for the Windows Media Player 9
    Windows Media Player 9 is currently available for Windows 2000 and XP. See the chart below to ensure that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements.

    Operating System Windows 98, 2000 and XP
    CPU 200 MHz IntelŪ PentiumŪ processor or equivalent
    RAM 32MB or more
    Modem (audio and video) 56 Kbps or faster
    Sound Card 16-bit sound card and speakers
    Video Card 16-color video display card (video)

  • How do I reinstall Windows Media Player?

    This procedure has been found to fix Windows Media Player installations that produce Dr. Watson and similar errors.

    1. Go to START menu
    2. Choose SETTINGS
    3. Choose CONTROL PANEL
    4. Double click "Add/Remove Programs"
    5. You'll see a list of programs installed on your PC in alphabetical order.
    6. Highlight "Microsoft Windows Media Player"
    7. Click on the "Add/Remove" button.
    8. A window will appear with a percent bar and will tell you when the delete is done. Close the window.
    9. Reboot your computer.
    10. After your machine is rebooted, go back to the web site
    and click on the appropriate video link (56K for Dial-Up or 100K for Office).
    11. You'll receive a message that you need to load Media Player and would you like to do it now? Say yes and it should load the software and start the video within a few minutes.
    12. If it does not work, you may need to reboot your PC after the install is complete.

  • How do I configure Internet Explorer for the videos on this website?

    Open the Tools menu on the IE 5 toolbar and select "Internet Options." Choose the Security tab and click the "Custom Level" button. Configure the six categories as shown below:
    Active X controls and plug-ins
    Enable the following:
    "Download signed ActiveX controls"
    "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins"
    "Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting"
    Enable both options in this section.
    Click "Enable" under "File Download."
    Set "Software channel permissions" to "Medium safety."
    Enable all options under this category.
    User Authentication
    Skip this section.
    When you are finished, click "OK" and select the General tab. Follow these steps:
    Click the "Settings" button located in the Temporary Internet Files category.
    Click the option marked "Every visit to the page."
    Click "OK."
    Click the "Delete Files" button located in the Temporary Internet Files category.
    Click "OK."
    Click the "Apply" button located at the bottom.
    Click "OK."
    Click the refresh icon on the toolbar and try the broadcast again

  • What is the potential for encountering viruses in Windows Media files?
    It is important to protect your computer against viruses by using an antivirus program. Microsoft does not provide any antivirus functionality in Windows, so you should install an antivirus program to protect your computer. In addition to the audio and video content, Windows Media files can contain data that runs your browser and opens a specific Internet address. For example, the content may open a Web site that is related to the audio or video content, or may contain text and graphics such as a banner advertisement. Windows Media Player ignores any scripting or similar commands; any links contained in the content are handed off by Windows Media Player to the browser. At that point, the browser security settings apply to any content that you view in the browser.

    For more information about viruses and antivirus software manufacturers, refer to the following articles: Description of Computer Viruses

  • Why do I get a message that says "buffering" but the video never begins?
    When internet traffic is high, streaming video can rebuffer, hiss, or skip when the connection becomes too thin to consistently support the stream. This is expected behavior. Try playing the content during times when Internet traffic is not at its peak. Early morning or Lunch hour on either coast are typically busy times for network traffic. Connections and playback will be better at other hours.

  • Why is the video playback choppy and the images distorted?
    The video shows in whatever color resolution your system is set to display. Playback quality can also be affected by connection rate and net congestion. To improve the video image quality, you can: Set your monitor to 16-bit (thousands) or 24-bit (millions) color.

    - Update the system's video driver regularly.
    - Close other unnecessary applications that may be open on your computer.
    - Do not use the "Zoom" button on lower bandwidth clips.
    - Make sure you are choosing the appropriate speed to play the clip based on you bandwidth. (See selecting a connection speed.)
» Resident Evil Game Questions
  • Will Resident Evil 2 and 3 be remade like they did with Resident Evil 1?
    Both of these games will only be ported to the Nintendo Gamecube. Porting means that the graphics of the original Playstation versions will remain the same, with the only enhancements being that they might be a bit smoother. Capcom has no plans to remake 2 and 3 at this time.
  • I saw some pictures somewhere that showed Jill punching and kicking in the remake, but can't figure out how to get her to do it in the game. How can I do this?
    The pictures you saw were pictures from the development phase. The developers were just showing off the range of motion that the character models had. They did not put this ability into the game however, so it cannot be done.
  • Why don't you list any cheats on your site other than Gameshark cheats?
    As far as we are aware, with the exception of the grenade launcher cheat in the US and Japanese editions of the remake, the easy advanced mode in RE Director's Cut, and an ammo code in Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock, the only legitimate cheats are done with the Gameshark or other cheat device that you have to buy separately. All the other cheats you see floating around the internet like "push X three times, then square 2 times, then up twice and you'll get to play Claire naked in the game" are all hoaxes.
  • Where can I get the Resident Evil Gaiden ROM?
    We don't support or condone piracy, and no longer have the afformentioned copy of the game in this format - mostly due to it being a pre-release dated copy. Please make your way to your local gaming outlet and ask about a copy you can purchase legally or follow this link and purchase the game from Capcom directly.
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