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Alyssa Ashcroft Alyssa Ashcroft Alyssa is a newspaper journalist that works for one of the local newspapers. She has an appetitie fo... More »
Cindy Lennox Cindy Lennox Cindy is a waitress at J's Bar. A very popular person because of her cheerful attitude and bright sm... More »
David King David King David, a plumber is rumored to have a violent past. This also means he has a short temper, but the b... More »
George Hamilton George Hamilton George is a doctor who works at the Raccoon City Hopsital. He is a first-class surgeon who possesses... More »
Jim Chapman Jim Chapman Jim is a subway employee who has great powers of intuition and enjoys solving puzzles. While he is a... More »
Kevin Ryman Kevin Ryman Kevin is a member of the Raccoon City Police. Rumor has it, he interviewed for a position with S.T.A... More »
Mark Wilkins Mark Wilkins Mark is a security officer who also served in Vietnam. Over 50 years old, his robust strength has st... More »
Yoko Suzuki Yoko Suzuki Yoko is the computer expert who is attending Raccon University. Anything that requires hacking or wo... More »
Pages: (1 total) 1
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