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Albinoid Albinoid This creature is the result of T-virus experimentation on salamanders. The albinoid juvenile (young)... More »
Alexia: 1st Form Alexia: 1st Form Alexia's first transformation is a very powerful one. Firstly, she has the ability to hurl what seem... More »
Alexia: 2nd and 3rd Form Alexia: 2nd and 3rd Form Alexia's second and third transformations are far more intense than her first. At the end of the gam... More »
Bandersnatch Bandersnatch A new type of Bio-Weapon created by the researchers at Umbrella Corporation. The Bandersnatch is ove... More »
Bat Bat Your standard winged rodent, but infected with the T-virus. They are similar to the crows in the way... More »
Cerberus Cerberus The "Cerberus" is Umbrella's term for dogs used as test subjects for T-virus research, or those acci... More »
Giant Spider Giant Spider Crawling out the Antarctic ice is this giant T-infused Spider, a massive version of the other spider... More »
Gulp Worm Gulp Worm Another giant worm in the series, this one is found during different parts of the game on Rockfort I... More »
Hunter Hunter A hunter is a bio-weapon created by modifying the genetic structure of a human by combining genetic ... More »
Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu is the result of Alfred and Alexia's experimentation on their father, Alexander. Claire an... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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