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Alexander's Memo Alexander's Memo My father, Edward, discovered the mother virus in cooperation with Lord Spencer, who was also a nob... More »
Alfred's Diary Alfred's Diary January 30th There's a sealed room in the hallway located inside of the Antarctic facil... More »
Alloy Report Alloy Report Report: Enhanced Anti-Decay Alloy Although we planned to utilize the enhanced anti-decay ... More »
Anatomist's Note Anatomist's Note There is a demon in my mind. I can't control the fierce impulses that the demon sometimes drives me ... More »
Butler's Letter Butler's Letter Sir Alfred, Please forgive me, as I must tell you of my abrupt departure by leaving this lette... More »
Confession Letter Confession Letter Alexia, my sister, is a genius and possesses unmatched beauty. She is everything to me. I would ove... More »
D.I.J.'s Diary D.I.J.'s Diary December 27th Today, a woman in red was taken to my home on Rockfort Island. I wonder wh... More »
Fax on the Facility Access Application Fax on the Facility Access Application Be sure to verify the content of the following facility access application form, and add the applic... More »
Hunk's Report Hunk's Report Attn: Mr. Alfred Ashford, head of the facility Today at 16:32, I arrived successfully from the U... More »
Memo to New Master Memo to New Master Sir Alfred, Congratulations on your succession as a master of the Ashford family. I hereby p... More »
Pages: (3 total) 1 2 3  Last »
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