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Battery Battery "An old style battery. It seems to be as powerful as a modern one." By solving a puzzle you will... More »
Bezel Key (Clock T. Key) Bezel Key (Clock T. Key) (Clock T. Key) "It’s a key ornamented with a clock part.” One of the keys you will find in the ... More »
Blue Gem (Sapphire) Blue Gem (Sapphire) (Sapphire) "A sapphire shining in blue." Stolen before the zombie outbreak, the Blue Gem is par... More »
Boutique Key Boutique Key "It’s a key for an uptown boutique." Only used in the original PlayStation edition, you will... More »
Bronze Book (Book of Wisdom) Bronze Book (Book of Wisdom) (Book of Wisdom) "A bronze-made book-shaped object. It says 'Given knowledge' on it." Part of a... More »
Bronze Compass (Future Compass) Bronze Compass (Future Compass) (Future Compass) "A bronze-made compass. It says "Future in my hand" on it." Part of a puzzl... More »
Card Key Card Key "It is used for the card reader at the disposal facility." Another Umbrella card key, this time... More »
Chronos Chain (Chronos Key) Chronos Chain (Chronos Key) (Chronos Chain) "A chain made to adore a god of time. There's a small screw hole near the ornament."... More »
Crank (Square Crank) Crank (Square Crank) (Square Crank) "A square-edged crank." The second crank in Resident Evil 3, this crank is on... More »
EAGLE Parts EAGLE Parts (Parts A) "A set of weapon parts. A scope and a slide. A weapon cannot be made from these parts alon... More »
Pages: (5 total) 1 2 3 4 5  Last »
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