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Brain Sucker Brain Sucker A relative of the Drain Deimos, the Brain Suckers are similar but don't attack with swipes, instead ... More »
Cerberus Cerberus The "Cerberus" is Umbrella's term for dogs used as test subjects for T-virus research, or those acci... More »
Crow Crow Birds of prey that have fed upon the carcasses of the infected. Beady eyes, sharp claws, sharp beaks... More »
Drain Demios Drain Demios The Drain Deimos tend to crawl and climb walls, while dropping or jumping around to attack. They att... More »
Grave Digger Grave Digger The oversized sliding worm is now a huge ground burrowing monster who doesn't seem too happy. Depend... More »
Hunter 121 Beta Hunter 121 Beta The new form of the Hunters. Much like the 121 Alpha Hunters in Resident Evil 1 their attacks have t... More »
Hunter 124 Gamma Hunter 124 Gamma When I heard there was two types of Hunters in RE3, I thought the 2nd type would be really hard. I w... More »
Nemesis Nemesis The main guy and subtitle namesake of Resident Evil 3 (although not Biohazard 3-heh). While he might... More »
Sliding Worms Sliding Worms These worms, the smaller form of the Grave Digger, really aren't worth your time to attack usually, ... More »
Spiders Spiders A tarantula spider that has been infected with the T-virus, causing them to grow to several times th... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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