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Ada Photo Ada Photo "A picture taken fairly recently." In Ada's standard item slot you will find this photo of her... More »
Bishop Plug Bishop Plug "A plug of some sort in the shape of a bishop." During the early part of Leon's game the concept... More »
Blue Card Key Blue Card Key "A plastic card. It reads: Hall electronic lock." Many of the important doors of the Raccoon P... More »
C4 (Plastic Bomb) C4 (Plastic Bomb) (Plastic Bomb) "Enough C4 to clear the wall, but it needs a detonator." (Bomb & Det.) "I can cl... More »
Cabin Key Cabin Key "I can access the cabin in the rear with this." The first Key of the B games, a simple key to ... More »
Club Key (Precinct Key) Club Key (Precinct Key) (Precinct Key) "It's in the shape of a club." To access areas in the Police Station there are 4... More »
Cord Cord "A cord to connect wires on small electronic devices." This is really an optional item, howeve... More »
Crank (Square Crank) Crank (Square Crank) (Square Crank) "The end is square-shaped." Unlike the original Resident Evil where the use of t... More »
Detonator Detonator (Detonator) "It's a charged detonator. It's useless by itself." (Bomb & Det.) "I can clear the ... More »
Diamond Key (Precinct Key) Diamond Key (Precinct Key) (Precinct Key) "It's in the shape of a diamond." To access areas in the Police Station there a... More »
Pages: (5 total) 1 2 3 4 5  Last »
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