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Birkin G-Mutation Birkin G-Mutation This large threat will cause problems as you play through the various scenarios of Resident Evil 2. ... More »
Cerberus Cerberus The "Cerberus" is Umbrella's term for dogs used as test subjects for T-virus research, or those acci... More »
Crocodile Crocodile If there was one thing anyone wasn't expecting when playing Resident Evil 2 for the first time, it w... More »
Crow Crow Birds of prey that have fed upon the carcasses of the infected. Beady eyes, sharp claws, sharp beaks... More »
G-Type G-Type All because of the Birkin G-Mutation. Somehow, just somehow, you can see this one coming early. Some... More »
Giant Moth Giant Moth Originally released were screenshots of 2 moths in a lower part of the lab a short while before RE2 ... More »
Licker Licker There is a file in the second game with a description of these hard monsters. Sharp claws? Really? L... More »
Mr. X (Tyrant-00) Mr. X (Tyrant-00) When you see just how this guy enters Resident Evil 2 I just know your going to be freaked. Then whe... More »
Mutant Plants Mutant Plants Found in the later parts of Resident Evil 2, the Plants don't cause too much of a problem as long as... More »
Roaches Roaches These mutant roaches shouldn't give you problems throughout the games you encounter them in, except ... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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