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35mm Film 35mm Film "The word "Umbrella" is written on the case of the film." In the Movie Theater path near the st... More »
Activation Disk Activation Disk "This is an activation disk for the power reactor." Before you can move throughout the factory... More »
Arcade Key Arcade Key "This is a key to access the underground of the amusement park." When you access the Arcade pa... More »
Chapel Key Chapel Key "It appears to be a key for a chapel." Needed to exit the Chapel in the church path near the s... More »
Church's Rear Key Church's Rear Key "It appears to be a key for the rear entrance of a church." Needed to exit the church path to t... More »
Clock Winder Clock Winder "It appears to be a winder for a clock." Part of a small easy puzzle, the Clock Winder in the ... More »
Club Hall Key Card Club Hall Key Card "This is a specially designed card key for a club member." This "V.I.P. Mebers Card" (tisk-tis... More »
Cracked Key Cracked Key "This key is cracked and could break at anytime." One of the most obviously easy to find keys i... More »
ID Card ID Card "This is an ID card of a researcher. You can insert it into a card reader at the factory." The ... More »
Manager's Key Manager's Key "It appears to be a key to open the hall entrance of a restaurant." Why the key is where it is... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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