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Acid Rounds Acid Rounds Large explosive-tipped rounds for use with the grenade launcher. Filled with highly concentrated sul... More »
CZ-75 (Handgun B) CZ-75 (Handgun B) "CZ75. This is a small gun which uses 9X19 parabellum rounds." The CZ-75 is very quick in firin... More »
Flame Rounds Flame Rounds Sometimes referred to as napalm grenades, these rounds fire a flame ball for a short distance, and l... More »
Glock 17 (Handgun A) Glock 17 (Handgun A) "GLOCK 17. This is a small lightweight gun, which is made from plastic and is famous for it's stabil... More »
Grenade Rounds Grenade Rounds Large shells filled with plastic explosives. Travels a short range, but explodes on the ground. Its ... More »
Handgun Ammo Handgun Ammo Ammunition for most standard handguns. Quantities vary depending on which game and which level you a... More »
M20-A1 Rocket Launcher M20-A1 Rocket Launcher "M20A1 Rocket Launcher. This powerful weapon fires rockets and can defeat most enemies with one shot... More »
M79 Grenade Launcher (Survivor) M79 Grenade Launcher (Survivor) (Grenade Gun) "M79 Grenade Launcher. An American made weapon that is compatible with various types o... More »
M8000 Cougar-G (Handgun C) M8000 Cougar-G (Handgun C) "M8000 Cougar-G. This gun is famous for it's excellent precision thanks to it's Rotating Barrel blow... More »
Magnum Bullets Magnum Bullets Standard magnum bullets for use in the magnum gun. Comes in quantities of 6.... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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