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1st Class Key 1st Class Key A fancy gilt key used to unlock the double doors to the 1st class area of the ship. ... More »
Backyard Key Backyard Key A fancy key that is taken from a dead laboratory researcher. It is used on the door on first floor o... More »
Crewman's Keycard Crewman's Keycard A teal-colored electronic swipe-card used on the door in the BF Spiral Staircase area in the ship. ... More »
Digital Recorder Digital Recorder A digital sound recorder that uses an internal mic for recording. You will use this item to record M... More »
Elevator Keycard Elevator Keycard An electronic swipe-card used to activate the floor B5 freight elevator.... More »
Guest Keycard Guest Keycard A gold-colored key card used in the sliding card reader on the double doors to the main hall area.... More »
Handle Handle A handle with a square fitting on the end, used to open the sealed latch door on the pool deck of th... More »
Herbal Medicine Herbal Medicine Special medicine that was concocted by Umbrella Corporation. It allows the person who uses it to hea... More »
ID Card ID Card A blue swipe-card used in the electronic lock control panel in the Spiral Staircase Hall. ... More »
Maintenance Key Maintenance Key A key used to open the shutter doors on the first floor of the Cruise Ship. ... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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