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Glimmer Glimmer Glimmers were originally planned to be lizard like, but instead replaced with this Hunter like creat... More »
Hunter Hunter A hunter is a bio-weapon created by modifying the genetic structure of a human by combining genetic ... More »
Morpheus (1st Form) Morpheus (1st Form) In Morpheus' first form, he... err... she has an electrical field surrounding her. This is a byprodu... More »
Morpheus (2nd Form) Morpheus (2nd Form) The second form of Morpheus is a massive hulk of a mess, a bloated piece of meat in which her face p... More »
Nautilus & Torpedo Kids Nautilus & Torpedo Kids The Nautilus and Torpedo Kid's are found in the sewer system later in the game. A large unmoving cre... More »
Pluto Pluto This large creature seems very unusual, and it is. As early scenes will show you, it relies upon wha... More »
Queen Bee Queen Bee In a nutshell, this enemy is simply nothing more than an oversized queen bee. Apart from sending out... More »
Tyrant-091 Tyrant-091 A Tyrant made up of the T and G viral strains. It contains large arms and can move fast over large a... More »
Wasps/Halbert Wasps/Halbert *pop* - *pop*. What's that sound? It's me wasting ammo on these wasps is what it is. Oversized becau... More »
Zombies Zombies Your typical zombie comes in an all familiar fashion if your used to "Romero Zombies" as these guys ... More »
Pages: (1 total) 1
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