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Assault Rifle Assault Rifle A Special Forces drum automatic machine gun that can fire in bursts. Holds up to 100 rounds of ammun... More »
Assault Rifle Rounds Assault Rifle Rounds Standard ammunition for the Special Forces drum automatic rifle. Each one you find will contain 100 ... More »
Charged Particle Rifle Charged Particle Rifle A very powerful gun, similar in nature to Code Veronica's Linear Launcher. However, this rifle fires... More »
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher Dead Aim's version of the Grenade Launcher. This version seems to have limited range, and there is o... More »
Handgun Handgun The basic weapon that you will start out with in Dead Aim. Uses standard handgun ammunition. Seems t... More »
Handgun Ammo Handgun Ammo Ammunition for most standard handguns. Quantities vary depending on which game and which level you a... More »
Magnum Magnum Dead Aim's version of the "hand cannon", this weapon fires .44 caliber rounds, and is capable of tak... More »
Magnum Bullets Magnum Bullets Standard magnum bullets for use in the magnum gun. Comes in quantities of 6.... More »
Semi-Automatic Handgun Semi-Automatic Handgun A handgun that can fire bursts of three rounds at one time. Uses standard handgun ammuntion. ... More »
Shotgun Shotgun A 12 gauge shotgun that fires burst shots covering a wider area. Very powerful in close situations, ... More »
Pages: (2 total) 1 2
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