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Ada Wong Ada Wong Leon stumbles upon this mysterious woman who is quite secretive yet, at the same time, a professiona... More »
Albert Wesker Albert Wesker Wesker has risen quickly inside the S.T.A.R.S. organization and currently leads the Alpha Team. View... More »
Ashley Graham Ashley Graham Ashley is the teenage daughter of the President of the United States who is kidnapped while on her w... More »
Bitores Mendez Bitores Mendez Mendez is chief of the village people. He's extremely tall, and very strong, as Leon is quick to dis... More »
Ingrid Hunnigan Ingrid Hunnigan Ignrid serves as the communication officer for Leon during his mission. She is his only contact back... More »
Jack Krauser Jack Krauser Krauser is an ex-covert operative who worked alongside Leon in one of many various government agenci... More »
Leon S. Kennedy Leon S. Kennedy Leon is an idealistic rookie cop. He burns with the need to protect and to serve, and life as a cade... More »
Luis Sera Luis Sera You'll meet Luis Sera in an abandoned farmhouse playing as Leon in Resident Evil 4. He is a research... More »
Osmund Saddler Osmund Saddler Saddler is the intelligent leader of the "Los Illuminados" cult hell-bent on taking over t... More »
Ramon Salazar Ramon Salazar Leon discovers this "vertically challenged" castellan in the castle to the east of the vil... More »
Pages: (1 total) 1
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