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  Sherry Birkin Vital Stats  
  Sherry Birkin
Age 12
Blood Type n/a
Height n/a
Weight n/a
  A lonely and insecure 12-year old, Sherry is quite mature for her age. She is very shy and when she speaks, she lacks self-confidence and always has the feeling she is lost. Sherry's parents are too wrapped up in their work to heed the emotional needs of their child.  
  The Capcom info sums up Sherry quite well although they do miss how annoying she can be, but it's a slightly mishap-and be can't blame them for not wanting to mention any real game negatives. The problem is also that sherry tends to cause a lot of problems while she runs around keeping away from both enemies like zombies but people willing to help her like Claire in a very Newt/Ripley Aliens type scenario. S.D. Perry took the Newt/Aliens thing one step further in the novel, describing Sherry in the same light as Alan Dean Foster did for his novelization of the Aliens screenplay. Being the daughter of the creator of the G-Virus can also cause even more problems for everyone, it just depends on if Sherry gets taken away from Claire that will show if it will be a problem or not.

At certain points you will even get to control her, if that's anything to look forward to. No weapons, and you have to dodge enemies. As I mentioned in Claire's bio, using Sherry in a small tunnel with the mutated Cockroaches around is just asking to be killed, which is what will happen if your not careful should you come across that path. In Claire's A game you will also have to waste time getting Sherry extra help, which the reason for will come apparent when you play the game.

A large amount of importance has been put upon Sherry in both the epilogues in RE3 as well as in Wesker's Report, and it's yet to be answered what exactly the future has in store for Sherry in the series. 


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