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"Flush me down the toilet when you were a child, will you?"
(18 points)
9th_Survivor 19
I´ll get that dammed apple
(11 points)
Galicia 18
I know six years have passed since the T-Virus...but I just like wearing my gas mask, okay?!
(13 points)
crimson-bread 15
The BSAA took their games of 'hide and seek' a little more seriously than most.
(15 points)
9th_Survivor 8
Leon's first attempt at microwaving a bag of popcorn certainly didn't end well.
(11 points)
1st_Survivor 20
Ada: That's not a knife! THIS is a knife!!
(8 points)
Kismet 18
Chris:Um, Guys? Hello? I'm tied up here...Where are the strippers?(Silence) Worst Bachelor party ever...
(10 points)
Outbreakgirl 16
Leon: No... no I can't use the square crank inside there no matter how much I try
(32 points)
RTK 19
A wild licker suddenly appears!
(39 points)
Orthrus 23
Take the lollipop, honey. Uncle Albert is your friend.
(25 points)
Galicia 18
(34 points)
Aethos 18
"i found him first." "i found him second." "..." "..." "i found him infinity times a hundred" " bitch"
(18 points)
RukiShot 19
Monk: "Good afternoon! Can I talk to you about Jesus tod-" Rebecca: "NO MEANS NO!!"
(26 points)
Mithos 11
Leon: "I'm in a Japanese game, and I see tentacles... I don't like where this is going."
(27 points)
Mithos 16
Unfortunately for Ada, zombie sorority house initiation week was getting a tad out of hand..
(12 points)
1st_Survivor 18
You gotta ask yourself one question, punk. Did I fire six shots? Or.. did I purchase an extended magazine upgrade from the merchant?
(19 points)
kamesen24 19
Team Leader: Alright men, time to start scattering keys, cranks, spark plugs shaped like chess pieces, and random bits of ammunition all over the city. LET'S MOVE!
(48 points)
1st_Survivor 16
Ravenous zombies, bloodthirsty mutants, psychopaths with superiority complexes..all paled in comparison to Leon Kennedy's true greatest enemy: parallel parking.
(27 points)
1st_Survivor 23
So Capcom... think you can just leave me out of RE6, huh?
(26 points)
wilhitewarrior 18
Chris: "..." Leon: "..." Chris: "..." Leon: "..." Chris: "Romney." Leon: "Obama." *cocks hammer*
(23 points)
Mithos 24
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