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Leon: Don't worry little boy take my hand, i'll lead you someplace safe. Salazar:I'm an adult, you swishy haired bastard!
(25 points)
Outbreakgirl 11
Leon: Now what have we learned? Jake: *sigh* We can't leave pop-tarts in the toaster oven for 10 minutes. Leon: That's right we can't.
(35 points)
1st_Survivor 10
The two awkwardly shuffle left and right in the hallway as Jill tries to get into the bathroom and monster tries to get out of the bathroom.
(10 points)
kamesen24 9
(33 points)
1st_Survivor 12
After a minute, Claire began to regret her new targeting reticle bellybutton piercing.
(17 points)
kamesen24 13
That moment where you see a woman so hot that you just have to slap yourself in the face.
(21 points)
kamesen24 14
Resident evil 7: backstreet boys
(20 points)
LeonShotKennedy 12
Leon:Duel wielding action! Helena:Wait, how come I have one gun while you get tw- Leon:I'm the star, bitch! I get special attention!
(17 points)
Outbreakgirl 9
Umbrella's Next Big Idea: Inject progenitor virus into a pile of boogers and toenail clippings.
(10 points)
kamesen24 11
Ada pauses for a moment, genuinely unable to remember who the fuck she actually works for.
(15 points)
kamesen24 7
Try as he might, Leon couldn't break the giant Twix bar in half.
(26 points)
kamesen24 11
Krauser:Ohhh nice butt
(35 points)
Outbreakgirl 11
No, No sweetie, you can't shoot at the audience. Put the gun away.
(9 points)
Outbreakgirl 11
Here we see a horrible freak of nature, who seems to pop up everywhere and is annoyingly hard to kill. And the other one's Rachael.
(6 points)
Mithos 13
While Hunk ran for his life, his risky tactic of shaving his legs before the mission seemed to pay off when the monsters were distracted by his baby-smooth thighs.
(10 points)
1st_Survivor 10
"Come on baaaabyyy! Let's do the twist!"
(5 points)
DethKiller_25 9
(10 points)
RukiShot 14
Jill was always a little seasick, but she was regretting drinking so much Kool-Aid in the mission briefing
(15 points)
RTK 16
Jill: "Someday, I'll find my Edward." Chris: "What was that?!?!" Jill: "Nothing."
(10 points)
DethKiller_25 12
Capcom: The next Resident Evil will once again be a hardcore action oriented game. Sherry: NNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
(45 points)
Kismet 12
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