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They'd taken the wrong kind of green herbs again….
(31 points)
9th_Survivor 7
Ashley:What? You're taking me to church? Leon:That's right you harlot, the only man you need is Jesus!
(13 points)
Outbreakgirl 6
Alfred explodes with rage when he discovers that with Claire's arrival, he's no longer the girliest person on the island.
(28 points)
9th_Survivor 7
Leon: *speaks into headset* Yeah I'd- *shoots zombie* I'd like a large pizza *shoots zombie again* No anchovies, extra cheese. *shoots zombie in the head* What?! Thirteen bucks; GET OUTTA HERE *empties clip at zombie*
(9 points)
kamesen24 7
Krauser really fucking hates baguettes.
(20 points)
kamesen24 10
Leon: *Sigh* I wish that I had that red dress...
(26 points)
Outbreakgirl 10
When will YOUR laxative kick in?
(20 points)
kamesen24 8
Behold, the newest attraction at Sea World-The Big Jill Manatee and her partner.
(15 points)
Outbreakgirl 7
"Black finish on pistols is fine, I said. It's better camouflage, I said. But no, you just had to go for the glow-in-the-dark nickel plated version, didn't you?"
(5 points)
9th_Survivor 6
"Stay back! This thing's loaded!"
(15 points)
9th_Survivor 7
"Well, the good news is that I made it from to the medicine room and back in record time! The bad news is that I grabbed the wrong bottle and just shot you up with Dettol."
(5 points)
9th_Survivor 6
"We'll do this the old navy way : first one to die, loses!"
(16 points)
9th_Survivor 8
The dance off between the zombie and Chris didn't end too well...
(3 points)
oMattCan2o 9
Jessica would pass the time between loading screens by attempting to teach Chris the YMCA.
(11 points)
9th_Survivor 8
Jake: Whoooo's ticklish?? Ustanak: *screams*
(0 points)
kamesen24 7
Black Friday has begun
(37 points)
Outbreakgirl 8
Jill:...Screw this. *Turns the other way.*
(16 points)
Outbreakgirl 8
"its ok, we can be two guys hanging out in a jungle, nothing has to go further...unless you want to..."
(34 points)
RukiShot 10
Chris: My god, those are horrible captions down there.
(24 points)
orbitvibe 7
Claire: For Christ sake, Sherry! Couldn't you have waited until we reached the bathroom?
(7 points)
Outbreakgirl 8
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